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Rocco Basile’s Best Brooklyn Travel Tips


Sightseeing In Brooklyn: The Perfect Itinerary

Brooklyn is a New York City borough that is located on the western side of Long Island. This is home to renowned professionals like Rocco Basille, who has been in the construction industry for more than one decade offering creative solutions for both interior and exterior finishes. His forward-mindedness has helped him to build a company that is today considered a key driver in the real estate industry. Rocco Basille is among natives who have lived around Brooklyn who can give a good account of the best places to visit as detailed below.

Begin your day at Bredford Avenue

To enjoy your time in Brooklyn, you should start off by visiting Bredford Avenue, particularly Teddy’s Bar & Grilles, a joint that is known for its amazing weekend brunch menu. You will enjoy the salty-and-sweet French Toast sandwich, which is stuffed with ham and gruyere. You can also request to have spicy Eggs Guajillo. Later, have fun burning off calories while walking to East River State Park to get a glimpse of the sweeping views and opportunities that the Manhattan skyline offers.

Teddy´s Bar & Grill.
Photo credit Teddy´s Bar & Grill.

Your afternoon at Greenpoint

Having spent your day snapping pictures, you should head to Kent Avenue, after which you will pass Franklin before you finally arrive at Greenpoint Avenue, which will lead you into the Greenpoint Historic District. This region offers strong charm that is hidden in its quiet tree-lined streets. It offers an old-world European feel and a thriving polish community that enhances the beauty of the region. There are lots of things to see including cultural preservations and culinary ideas you might never have come across. The cuisine is also unique and meant to take you back in time when creativity in the kitchen came to life.

Photo credit Historic Districts Council.
Photo credit Historic Districts Council.

Williamsburg after dark

Williamsburg was once considered the child of Brooklyn because of its counterculture, but it has passed this gentrification. However, it still retains its character and visitors will be fascinated by the dense concentrations of modern bars, boutiques and restaurants. Getting around Williamsburg is easy and there is enough security. The welcome you are offered triggers you to feel at home and allows you to enjoy the convivial creativity personality that is written all over the city.

Photo credit Avoid Apathy.

If you fancy fashion, this is the spot to buy latest outfit as well as bespoke clothes that could be kept as souvenirs. Drinks and food are in plenty because of the many restaurants and bars on site that you can choose from. For those who visit the city for the first time, the uniqueness of the food and drinks is striking and leaves them bewildered to learn the art so preserved by the people of Brooklyn.

How to get around

Transportation choices are many when you arrive in Brooklyn. One of the options you could use is the L subway, which cuts through Manhattan. There are also yellow taxis that offer services between different points, so if you would like to move around faster, you can hire one of them to take you to whatever destination you need.

About the Author

Rocco Basile is a longtime professional photographer and a prominent expert in fine art photography whose work has been frequently featured in galleries and international publications alike, thereby demonstrating a diverse professional skill set that includes landscape, wildlife, fine art, and portrait photography, not to mention the prolific work he has produced as a photojournalist.

As the founder of Rocco Basile Photography, Rocco has counseled many aspiring photographers and has offered an outlet through which these up-and-coming photographers can showcase their work to gallery audiences that often include some of the most renowned talents in the world of photography.

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