Take a Trainride With Your Car – On DB Autozug!


Sick and tired about rental cars and want to go with your own car to far away destinations in Europe? Think driving long distances are exhausting? Or simply do not want to clock up the miles on your car? I can recommend a solution: DB Autozug!

This is pure genius! You just drive your own car aboard the train, check in to your sleeper compartment for a good nights sleep and then drive off the train at your (or close to) your destination. In other words, you don’t have to start the vacation with a long drive! Also perfect if you have an exclusive or vintage, which aren’t always the most comfortable, cars for long drives. Also motorcycles (including trikes and quads), minibuses and vans are welcome on the train too. It has never been easier to take the car-train through Europe.

This was a pain to book in the olden days because you had to supply Deutsche Bahn with ALL information about the car, i.e. if the car had a roof rack, retrofitted extra lights, tow bar or bumper stickers. Many clients did not know in advance if they were going to use a roof rack and got frustrated during the booking process but always returned happy and relieved. After having seen how cars are loaded on the train, I do understand why this important because it is a tight fight.

The video below is narrated in German (unfortunately) but you will get a good idea anyway:

Enjoy your car train ride and vacation in Europe. Here is the DB homepage for their car trains again.

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