Helpful tips for traveling with a big group.

Helpful Tips for Traveling with a Big Group


There is nothing better than going on a road trip with a group of your favorite people. This means that you’ll get a chance to do and see many amazing things together. The most important lesson that I’ve learned from my travels with large groups is that in order for everything to function properly, there has to be a lot of compromise. And in order to help you achieve harmony and have an amazing time with your best friends or family, here are 5 tips for you to follow.

1. Patience and Flexibility

Every person has needs and desires which they wish to fulfill when they go on a road trip, so, imagine how complicated things can get when there are more people involved. The simplest solution is to be flexible and patient. When your group engages in discussions related to food, destinations and activities, make sure that all of you participate and brainstorm ideas together. Then, have a vote so that you can decide which ideas are going to be accepted. Being flexible will help create a friendly atmosphere where everyone’s wishes and needs are respected.

2. Assign Responsibilities

The advantage of travelling as a group is the diversity of skills that each member possesses. If you all agree that some of you can handle some parts of the organization better than the rest, then make sure to divide the responsibilities accordingly. One person, or more, can be in charge of food. This means that they can go grocery shopping and prepare meals. When I went travelling with my group of friends, I was assigned the responsibility of the transportation. I researched the Internet thoroughly and found out that we have an amazing bus hire in Sydney which made trips to our desired destinations much more efficient and affordable.

3. Means of Communication

If you and your friends decide to travel abroad, it is important to figure out a couple of ways for communicating efficiently. Make sure to create chat groups on Facebook and similar social networking websites. Apart from that, you can download apps on your smartphones and communicate that way. Many cities in the world offer free Wi-Fi in cafes, which is great if the group decides to split up and mingle around an unfamiliar town. For example, my friends and I created a chat group on Viber which made our arrangements much easier.

4. Breaks and Refreshments

Another thing that people forget when they travel is to pack refreshments. This is important because sometimes, you’ll have to sit on a bus for a long time. Therefore, make sure to pack enough water and some light snacks for everyone. Avoid bringing hamburgers and pasta, because they can easily upset your stomach, making you feel heavy and fatigued. Additionally, make sure to take as many breaks as you need. This way, you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs and buy more refreshments if you run out.

5. Make Sure to Have Some Alone Time

Group travel, although it’s a lot of fun, can sometimes become a bit overwhelming. You may find that your needs, desires and expectations of the trip are not being fulfilled. This can make you feel stressed and frustrated. In order for you and your friends to have the best trip possible, it’s recommendable that you go for a relaxing walk on your own from time to time, or try meditating in silence. This way, you’ll get some time on your own and reduce the tension which crowds can create.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to organize and carry out a fun trip for your group of friends or family. All it takes is patience, compromise, and the right spirit. Choose a destination, pack your bags and have a good time!

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