How Do You Choose Fishing Reels?

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Based on a study by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Federation (RBFF), being near water can naturally lower one’s stress. That is why many people have taken up fishing as one of their hobbies. Like any new sport or hobby, there is a lot to learn before going on your first fishing trip.  Shopping for fishing gear, for instance, can be confusing.  There is a wide variety of rods, fishing reels, tackles, and other fishing accessories.

This article will explain some factors that you need to consider when buying your first fishing reel.

What kind of fish are you catching?

First, find out the size of the fish.  Your choice of fishing reels will depend on the size and type of fish that you intend to catch. As a beginner, you can start with a spinning reel since this is the most basic kind.  Try some out and choose which is most comfortable to use.

Which drag system should you use?

The drag consists of two friction plates within the fishing reels.  If a healthy fish pulls the line, the friction causes the fishing reel to rotate backward.  Therefore, it is advisable to set the drag before casting. There are two kinds – front drag and rear drag.  The front drag models are larger and more durable.  The rear drag, however, is easier to use.

Just make sure that you can tighten the drag gradually.  Also, make sure that the pressure is consistent when pulling the fishing line.  Otherwise, you will lose your catch.

What are the ball bearings?

You may have read that fishing reels with more ball bearings are recommendable.  They are supposed to support and stabilize your fishing reel. Fishing enthusiasts recommend choosing a reel with at least four ball bearings.  Your fishing reel will perform more smoothly.

How about the gear ratio?

This ratio is the number of revolutions with each turn of your fishing reel handle.  It will determine how fast the fishing line will rollback. Some fishing reels will allow you to change gear ratios, from slow retrieval speed to higher speeds.  If you are new to fishing, start with two-speed reels for the right balance between speed and cranking power.

What materials in fishing reels are the best?

The best fishing reels consist of aluminium or graphite.  If you want a strong and durable fishing reel, choose aluminium.  However, it is heavier to handle. Graphite, although lighter, is more resistant to corrosion.  However, it is not as durable as aluminium. If you frequently fish in freshwater, choose aluminium reels.  For saltwater fishing, use graphite-made fishing reels.

What are spools?

Spools are necessary to hold the fishing line.  Like the bodies of fishing reels, they consist of graphite or aluminium. There are two kinds – internal and skirted.  Internal spools are no longer available in newer models.  Manufacturers have stopped producing them because the fishing line becomes entangled with the fishing reel’s housing.  The skirted one solved this issue.

Are anti-reverse handles important?

Yes, it is essential to avoid the handle from accidentally spinning backward.  When you try out the fishing reels, try to notice if there is any backward motion.


Choosing among fishing reels can be intimidating at first.  However, as you try out different models, you will discover what works best with you.

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