How to Prepare Your Dog for Traveling


Traveling with your furry companion can be a lot of fun but you must consider taking specific steps to prepare them for new experiences. Dogs usually enjoy traveling by car, and many are comfortable with air travel as well. Air travel usually requires more preparations, and you need to make sure your pet is used to its carrier. Summer is usually a great time for road trips, and if you wish to take your dog with you there are a couple of things you should know and be prepared for.

Below we’ll break down a few ways to prepare your dog for safe travels.

Pet insurance

The smartest way to keep your dog safe while traveling is by having pet insurance. Find the best pet insurance for dogs by comparing top providers and customizing the policy. It will not only protect them during travels but also long-term. Pet insurance is important to maintain the good health of your pet and protect you against unexpected vet costs.

Note that a dog that has pet insurance has more chance of being approved to travels with an airplane. Most airlines require you have a health certificate with proof that your furry friend is up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Having pet insurance will ease your mind in case of emergencies, injuries, or illnesses.

Traveling by car

Traveling by car can be a bit scary for dogs at first, but you have to help them adjust and feel comfortable by doing a few things.

Motion sickness

In case your dog gets car sick when traveling, ask your vet to prescribe medication for motion sickness, and you can also try adding a teaspoon of a fiber supplement to help if they have diarrhea that can be brought on by stress. If you’re not sure whether your dog will get sick when traveling, make sure you have plenty of paper towels and cleaning supplies.

Safe ride

Firstly, let them sit in the car and look around. You can try sitting with them and providing a small treat, letting them play with their favorite toy, or just pet them. Start the car and see their reaction, if they look anxious stop the activity and try something else. Also, have a pet seatbelt or use a carrier if you want to secure them and also help them feel comfortable.

Food and water

Warmer weather usually means that the food has a higher risk of spoilage. Note that foods with added fish oils or high in fat are more likely to spoil. Pack the food and treats in an airtight container, and use a cooler to keep the food dry. Additionally, make sure you bring the food into your accommodation instead of leaving it in the car. Also, be sure to bring water and make water stops every couple of hours.

Airplane travels

Traveling with your dog on an airplane means you need to consider additional regulations and restrictions before you book the flight. Make sure you research the process so your dog stays healthy and happy while traveling.

Plan to fly weeks in advance

You’ll need to prepare your dog for flying whether in the cargo or cabin. Make sure your dog is crate-trained and has conquered separation anxiety. Desensitize your pet to loud noises and crowds, so they’re properly socialized. There are exercises you can try to help them be calm in the crowd.

Check with the airline

Remember that not all pets can travel with their owner on the plane. Usually, it’s restricted to small dogs in carriers or approved types of dog travel bags. Make sure you check whether the dog will travel in the cargo, and bear in mind that this area is not temperature controlled. Notify the airline in advance since they only allow so many pets per flight.

RV Camping with your pet

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Talk to your vet

See if your vet can provide medication to ease anxiety and stress for your dog while on the flight. Do not use human medication, and follow your vet’s instructions. Another thing to keep in mind is not to feed them before the flight, especially if it’s a long one. Feed them a few hours before and take a long walk. Check important documents required by the airline company including a health certificate issued not more than 10 days from the flight date.

Final thoughts

There’s a whole list of things to do to prepare your dog for travel, just make sure you make the whole process fun for them. International pet transport is a special adventure by itself, as there are many steps in the process from documentation to vaccinations and health tests. Just make sure you don’t lose sight or neglect them while planning all this.


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