Ultimate Road Trip Guide to USA West Coast


Taking a while off on the west coast is nice, and there are tons of stuff you will do to create the experience even more fascinating. There are numerous parks and natural wonders within the west coast, and you’d need tons of your time to explore all of them. Therefore, we’ve organized a number of the top places you’ll be able to explore within the west coast.

  1. LAS VEGAS: if you’re on the west coast and you haven’t gone to Vegas yet, then you’re missing out on loads of fun that life has got to offer. Head to Vegas and find a rental car to make touring easier.
    The gamous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.
    The gamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.
  2. MONUMENT VALLEY: the first place to travel is Monument Valley, and this is often a six-hour drive. So be ready to spend the night. At the valley, you’d be able to see the geological formations of the Navajo Reserve. Then your next move is to the antelope canyon after a two-hour drive to take the upper and lower antelope canyon tours. Then finally move to Lake Powell to take a pleasant dip. If that’s not ok, then Horseshoe Bend ought to be the last stop. Try to take tons of pictures because you’d love the sunset.
  3. BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK: at the park, there’s a twilight throughout sunrise that you simply would like to see. You would take a hike afterwards on Rim path, and don’t be afraid if you see completely different stuff like Thor’s Hammer on the way. If you keep a bit longer until it gets dark, you’d like to take photos within the amphitheatre. There are even meteor showers sometimes, and this would do well as vacation photos.
  4. ZION NATIONAL PARK: taking a pleasant, long 2-hour drive to the Zion national park is the next thing on the list. Since you have got a rental car, this shouldn’t be a drag. Take the drive through Angels Landing trail to get the most excellent view of the valley.
  5. THE GRAND CANYON: only a number of folks don’t know about the Grand Canyon. It’s one among the most popular places on earth, and watching the sunrise from Mather point offers the most thrilling and epic light show ever seen. Once you’re up, you’ll take a helicopter tour of the whole canyon. However, to form things a touch a lot of exciting and hands-on, you’ll take a tour through the brilliant Angel trailhead trail. After that, head on to the Mojave National Preserve to spend the night. You need to rest at this time.

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  1. DEATH VALLEY AND MOJAVE DESERT: if you’re trying to find something spiritually rising, then head up to the Mojave National Preserve. If you get there early enough, you’d see the first sun rays through the Joshua Trees. There are tons of things to examine in Death Valley, and you’d have to confirm you come ready. You’d have to set up your encampment gear at the Yosemite national park if you wish to spend the night outside with nature. The following morning, you ought to be able to get accommodation at the historic camp four.
  2. Yosemite NATIONAL PARK: since you have got determined to settle at the Yosemite parkland, you should take the time to take pictures of yourself and also the sun as it rises and sets. These photos are epic and speak volumes. However, we aren’t here for photos solely. Now you’re to go on an extended hike up the upper Yosemite Falls. You can take a pleasant splash into any one of the pools if the heat gets to you. After that, you’ll take a pleasant walk on one of the small hiking trails at the park. Simply make sure you head on to the Bridal Veil Falls or Taft point for a pleasant view of the whole place.
  3. TOULUMNE GROVE: this is the last place we have for you on the list, and there’s one special reason we wish you to be there. At the grove, you’d see tons of large-sized trees – trees that are terribly mammoth that they touch the sky and would marvel you! Once you have done that, you can head home. The whole trip would have taken tons from you and the next best thing is to have a decent night’s rest.

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