4 Reasons Travel-Related Careers Have Become So Popular

Travel Industry

Asking young people what they want to be when they grow up reveals a lot about our society and our culture. Nowadays, you might hear answers like business-owner and entrepreneur, blogger or travel influencer.

Travel has become a desirable career path for the young people exposed to the internet, social media, and the possibilities travelling the world opens up.

We’re at a point where a lot of the most talented people end up working in travel, tourism and hospitality in some regard, and there are a few reasons behind this trend.

Today, we’ll explore why travel has flown to the top of the list of desirable career paths and the cultural shifts and trends driving this.


There was a time where a career in travel was frowned upon as an attempt to escape the responsibility of daily life. If you were truly ambitious, you had to pursue a career like medicine or law.

Nowadays, ambition comes in so many different packages, and the travel industry is somewhere someone can experience success, fulfillment and even fulfill their greatest dreams.

As a result, there are so many people pursuing travel-based career paths. For some people that means starting a travel blog that allows them to become an authority, or attending a FAA-approved aviation school to become a high-valued pilot at the best airlines in the world. A career in travel is like a key that can open so many doors to a really amazing life!

Increased Curiosity About the World

The internet has quite literally opened people up to a monumental wealth of information, and it has quite literally made physical borders and geographic separation irrelevant to how we interact. There’s so much information about other parts of the world, and for many people, this has inevitably led to a career in travel.

Every corner of this world has something unique and special about it, and before the internet and the ease of travel, it was so easy to be limited only to your part of the world. Now there’s YouTube, bloggers, podcasts, and so many other channels that showcase what different parts of the world are like, from Iceland to South Africa and Peru.

This has triggered a drive to go to those places, because we have collectively realized how enriching it is to learn more about the world around us and other cultures. For many people, this is such a high calling, it’s worth making a job out of.

The Push for More Enjoyable Careers

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of conversation around reexamining the meaning of work. Work used to mean giving up so much of what you enjoy for a paycheck, but now with so many new developments like remote work, freelancers who travel and work, and bloggers who make money from their interests, we see a job through a very different lens.

People don’t just want a job to punch in, they want a job that gives them joy and fulfillment. Why wait to travel once a year on your annual vacation when you can travel while making a living? People want careers and jobs that make them happy, and it’s pretty clear that travel is at the top of the list of what most people desire.

It’s no surprise that there’s so much interest in people wanting to work in the world of travel, it’s the most common way people want to bring more meaning to their lives today.

A Move Away from Accumulation

“Collect memories not things” – this is one of the most popular mantras of our current generation. For many people, the historical idea of collecting possessions as a measure of success no longer rings true. The new mindset is that a truly fulfilling and successful life is based on the experiences you have, and the memories you create.

What’s a better experience or more precious memory than going to another part of the world and having your horizons broadened by another culture? Where people used to place importance on their ability to afford the home they want, many people who take on careers in travel value the stamps in their passports and all the amazing things they got to learn.

The men and women who become pilots, flight attendants, and travel bloggers value a type of success that isn’t based on materialistic things, but rather on emotional fulfillment. For them the most valuable thing they could ever possess is being a more cultured human being.

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