City of St. Louis skyline.

6 Reasons to Visit Saint Louis Today


If you didn’t visit Saint Louis yet, you should do it as soon as possible. This beautiful city, the 19th-largest in the United States, lies on Mississippi River, which is the boundary between Missouri and Illinois, and historically known as the border between the US east and west, or the “Gateway to the West”. With 2.916.447 people who live here and many historically-cultural monuments, St. Louis is the greatest cultural, economic and touristic center in this area. If you didn’t visit it yet, now is time to do it. You will have a great vacation and see so many uniqueness that you will be amazed and will come here again in the first next occasion.

The Architectural Masterpiece the Gateway Arch

The main symbol of the city is the Gateway Arch, as a symbol of the city’s role “Gateway to the West”. This parabolic arch of stainless steel, 625 ft. high, was built in 1959-65. One of the eight elevators will take you to the observation platform on the highest point of the arch to see the city as it is on your hand. This is the real architectural masterpiece which you really have to see in life.

Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Adventures in the City Museum

If you like adventures, the City Museum is the right place for you. It has caves, slides and climbing apparatus, 10,000 sea creatures in the World Aquarium, and many more adventures that you can experience only in this city.

Extraordinary Forest Park

You must not forget to visit the extraordinary Forest Park, which is the largest urban park in the US. The St. Louis Zoo is also placed there. Forest Park is so beautiful and unique that you cannot imagine. You simply must see it.

Forest Park St. Louis.
Forest Park St. Louis.

Busch Stadium

If you are a sports fan, don’t miss to see a great Busch Stadium and enjoy in cheering and sports spirit in this bona fide sports town. In the spring and summer seasons, you will see great 11-time World Champions the St. Louis Cardinals and watch the United Soccer League at World Wide Technology Soccer Park. In the fall and winter, the St. Louis Blues heat up the ice at the ScottradeCenter.

St. Louis’s Heaven the Missouri Botanical Garden

Another great thing in St. Louis is certainly the beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden, also known as the Shaw Garden with Tower Grove House, a lovely rose garden, a Japanese Garden, unusual Climatron for tropical plants, and of course the herbarium. But the unique “aqua-tunnel” under a water-lily pool will leave you breathless.

The Botanical Garden in St. Louis.
The Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Magic House for kids

Your kids will simply adore the Magic House, the first interactive children’s museum, where they can play grown up for a day and do what you do every day. The kids can change the tire on a wooden car, or to play the role of the president in the Oval room, or attend a magical story time. This joy they will remember for a lifetime.

There is also a lot of night fun. Pick one of many bars or dance clubs. Or you prefer much the restaurants with a varied food and drink. Whatever you choose, you will have a great time. If you want to taste glamor, St Louis Limo Rentals is here to make your vacation even more interesting and fun.

As you can see, Saint Louis is the city that you will never forget. When you come there once, you will always return more and more.  Just it’s so special and memorable!! So hurry. Treat yourself an unforgettable experience.

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