Best Travel Destinations – Exciting and Affordable Places to Explore

Bolivia, Cambodia, Laos, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine

The world is full of accessible destinations and you need a little effort to find it. No matter what the continent, you can find a place you can always visit on a limited budget, even inexpensive countries you will think about if you know some tips and tricks. No destination is “too expensive”. If you want to travel on a budget and are thinking about where to go, here are the cheapest places to travel internationally.


Surprisingly, Labackback Laos is not a tourist attraction, so visitors can explore the emerald rice fields, forests, and remote suburbs in reasonable tranquility. You can’t get closer to the country’s culture in a small townhouse, where tourists are invited to a local house to share food and activities and sleep under one roof for $10 only. Even better, the money will go back to the community. If it’s not your luggage, a hotel such as Khampiane Boutique Hotel in Laos’ largest city, Vientiane, costs around $ 12 per night. Leaving luxury sights, Laos is home to adrenaline garbage that can get lost in caves, zippered lines over the forest, or subway on the Namsong River. Those who need a little Zen can enjoy Lao’s spiritual life with a little yoga or spa treatment.


Cambodia is growing in popularity, not only during low-backed retreats but also among adults looking for a “true” adventure, to receive a five-star digging bonus if paid less than Travelodge. Take Siem Reap’s Palm Village Resort and Spa, where traditional Khmer-style homes cost $18 per night. Even the free tuk-tuk service offers hair extensions, but you can still enter the city in a lively fashion.

  • Cambodians are famous and have a great laugh in cafes and restaurants that offer bowls of chicken soup and pasta for a bit of spice.

To give Cambodia the necessary tourist experience, set the alarm clock and put on your elephant pattern shoes to watch the sunrise behind the famous Angkor Wat, the most popular view of the vast archaeological park.

  • It’s worth giving yourself time to reach 72 churches with a £ 51 ticket for three days instead of a daily allowance of £ 30.

Eastern Europe:

Eastern Europe is the cheapest part of the continent. For that reason, most people can no longer visit this area. I live like a king for less than $ 40 a day, I pay $ 8 a night for a room in Ukraine, 1.50 gallons of beer in Bulgaria, and a few dollars for a change. Eastern Europe is ruled by the charm and beauty of the West, without visiting Paris, Prague or Barcelona at high prices or for tourists. This is not the poorest of the former communists. If you are looking for a less popular route, go to this part of the world.


History, culture, and sunshine are almost certain … where do you find everything, as in Turkey? First station: Istanbul.

Try Balk Ekmek Street specials or a refreshing fish sandwich, then visit Hagia Sophia, a 1,500-year-old building used as a Byzantine temple and then a Turkish mosque.

  • A permit costs around £ 10.40 or you can also purchase a five-day museum permit, which allows 12 places and a much larger discount.
  • Turkey has several golden beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, where traditional sailing is required.

Another landmark is the city of Pamukkale on the mainland, where the interior of the Roman canals can be managed by diving into thermal water. Wherever you go, you’ll be welcomed to many friendly guesthouses, such as the iconic Buyukada Cankaya Hotel in Istanbul, where rooms cost around £ 44 per night.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul at dusk.


South America, the cheapest country in Bolivia, is a dream for the tourist budget.

  • The main energy company La Paz is hydraulic. Take an underground cable car up to the sky for a sunny scene and head down Calle Jaen
  • where the city has some colonial buildings, an elevated front, and a black colored balcony.

Here on the night of speculation For a fee of $ 15, you can find budget accommodation or experience something similar to the three-star A La Maison.

Go from La Paz to Lake Titicaca, where you can eat the latest cooked food, although locals prefer a home in the port of Copacabana for less than £ 3. In Bolivia, food requires no fee. Watch out for the almuerzo (lunch), which contains soup, main course, and dessert for just 1 kilo. If you like a more expensive trip, take a jeep tour in the largest saltwater apartment, Salar. Uyuni This magnificent view, the biggest mirror, is also popular for photography tours.


Portugal is one of my favorite countries. I visited as much as I could do. There are beautiful beaches, winters, magic rocks, delicious food. Also, there are beautiful local and historic towns you can visit that come in the cheapest package. Portugal has become very popular in a few years.

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