Face to Face With The Animal Kingdom: Family Wildlife Hot Spots In Singapore


Singapore opened the world’s first night safari in 1994; since then, it’s been firmly on the map as a family wildlife treasure. If you’re traveling with kids, whatever else is on your bucket list, factoring in some wildlife encounters is a must. The cost of visiting the country’s must-see attractions can add up, however, so planning the focus of your adventures in advance is essential.

Before You Go

With airfares and accommodation booked, and money vaguely set aside as spending money, many parents fail to fully account for all their family’s holiday expenditures. While you needn’t pin down everything you want to do on your vacation, budgeting in advance for the highlights will help you avoid nasty surprises. If you’re aiming to experience the night safari or visit the Singapore Zoo, check online and see if you can find advance booking deals. Tickets can often be cheaper when bought in advance. Check the rewards offered by your credit cards too: often the points you accumulate can be put towards vouchers or airmiles, which can reduce the cost of your trip and allow you to budget for everything you want to see. Remember to factor in experiences that take you above the price of entry too.

Singapore Zoo

Far from being just another zoo visit, Singapore Zoo makes for a thrilling day out for the whole family. The zoo is known for its ‘open concept’ mimicking the natural environment of the rainforest. Rather than being cramped in enclosed spaces, the animals live in spacious landscapes that are designed to be as close to their natural habitats as possible. The zoo is particularly renowned for its free ranging orangutans, with whom you can have breakfast: the admission for this is additional to the ticket price, however, so be sure to factor it into your budget. Your family can also enjoy wildlife tours and interactive activities; there are even opportunities to feed the animals.

The Famous Night Safari

So long as you’re happy for the kids to stay up for the experience, the night safari will be an unforgettable gem in your holiday. Situated next door to the zoo, the night safari is open between 7:30pm and 12:00am. There are four time slots available, which you can select from when you book your ticket. A guided tram tour is available to take you round the park, or you can explore on foot. There are a number of trails you can follow, including The Leopard Trail and The Wallaby Trail, each one taking you close to the animals. The park houses over 130 species of animal, all of whom you can see as close to their natural environment as possible. There are also shows to enjoy, and a number of dining experiences available: again, be sure to budget for these in advance, as this will cost you beyond your entrance price.

Taking in the wildlife attractions of Singapore makes for an unforgettable family vacation, with experiences unlike those offered by any other wildlife park. To avoid disappointment or unexpected dents in your wallet, however, make sure you factor in all the costs ahead of time.

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