Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

10 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Singapore Immediately  


With the perfect blend of European and Asian cultures, Singapore has achieved heights unimaginable for many. The co- existence of one of the best high rises of the world and the colonial buildings offers a graceful mix to the city. A shopper’s delight, a vibrant city, a dream come true for the adventurers and a delight for the foodie; Singapore gives you a lot many reasons to visit it immediately.

  1. Breakfast with the Orangutans

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to eat breakfast with the Orangutans. Famous for its exotic animal collection, the Singapore zoo offers you an option to have breakfast with the funny Orangutans. The place is a popular attraction with adults and kids for its animals and activities. The zoo boats of a free ranging habitat with almost non- existent cage, thus allowing the animals to freely roam in their natural surroundings. The zoo receives over 1.6 million visitors annually.

Orangutan at Singapore Zoo.
Orangutan at Singapore Zoo.
  1. Night Safari with the Nocturnal

The world’s first ever night park for wildlife, the Night safari is an inclusion of almost all good Singapore travel packages. Explore the mighty jungle park in an open tram and enjoy a delightful journey of seeing the nocturnal animals living in their natural habitat. This award winning jungle night safari tour also has an option of a special dinner at the Ulu Ulu restaurant. There are also interesting night shows with super cool tricks to keep you amazed.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay is clearly one of the most astounding and best places to visit in Singapore. This 101-hectare super park is a colorful futuristic place and was declared as the world building of the year in 2012. The highlight of the park is the skywalk bridge on the Super trees of the garden. They have recreated the snowy mountain climate inside the park. It also boasts of a mesmerizing waterfront and includes attractions loved by kids and adults alike. A visit to the Gardens by the Bay is a must while in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
  1. The Majestic Resort World of Sentosa

The resort of Sentosa is a world in itself. Located on the south coast island of Singapore, Sentosa features the best of restaurants, hotels, casinos and theme parks. It has almost everything a tourist is looking for. The island boasts of aqua attractions such as Dolphin island, a huge water park, an aquarium and a marine life park. The biggest attraction of the island is the Universal Studios theme park.

Sentosa Island in Singapore.
Sentosa Island in Singapore.
  1. The Singaporean Cuisine

The food of Singapore is famous worldwide for its distinctive taste and amazing cooking style. A hot pot of cuisines to relish, Singapore has a rich fusion of cultural cuisines such as Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and Malaysian. The Chinatown street food, Tiong Bahru market and Satay by the Bay are the most famous streetsto hog on to the most authentic Singaporean dishes. If you ask a local or a foodie’s tourist who has explored the culinary excellence, he would definitely recommend you the Wanton Mee, Fried Carrot cake, the famous dim sums, and Bak Kut The.


  1. Shopping Choices at Orchard Road

Orchard road is known as one of the best places in Singapore for shopping and leisure.  Frequented by both tourists and locals and alike, orchard road is flanked by malls, restaurants, international coffee chains, supermarkets, hotels and various nightclubs. If you are visiting the place around Christmas, the decorations at the orchard road will simply blow your mind. Enjoy shopping the best of souvenirs and stuff from various international brands as well.

Orchard Road sign in Singapore.
This is the road sign you want to look for when shopping in Singapore.
  1. Marina Bay Sands

The pride of Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands is a must visit. It is a 5.7$ billion construction that has put Singapore on the best list of the world tourism map. It is an integrated resort with hotel, restaurants, designer shops, Asia’s largest convention center, art and science museum, a theater and various other entertainment centers. The biggest draw of the place is its unique design that captivates every visitor.


  1. Singapore Flyer

No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the Singapore flyer. The giant Ferris wheel is one of the few in the world and a trip to the flyer unveils the never seen before beautiful skyline of Singapore. Each of the stunning and comfortable cable car of the flyer can hold up to 28 people inside and reaches up till 165 meters up in the Singaporean sky. Before you reach the flyer, there are 3 floors of restaurants, shops and other entertainment services.

Singapore Flyer, Asia´s biggest ferris wheel.
Singapore Flyer, Asia´s biggest ferris wheel.
  1. Unusual Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

During the Chinese tenure in Singapore, a lot many temples were built and one of the most unusual was the Buddha tooth relic temple. Based on the architectural brilliance of the Tang dynasty, this beautiful temple is a must visit for all the history, beauty and spirituality attached to it.

  1. Charm of Clarke Quay

A part of the glorious past of Singapore that still charms the visitors, Clarke Quay is one of the most visited places of Singapore. Although, In the early 19th century Clarke Quay was a hub of commerce, today it is more of high style restaurants, pushcart vendors, boutique shops, pubs and vibrant nightlife that brings the business here.

Clarke Quay in Singapore.
Clarke Quay in Singapore.

Singapore has everything a tourist looks for in a destination. There are way more than the above 10 reasons that compels you to visit the enchanting Singapore but yes, these ten for sure encourages you to pack your bags today.

I have lots of interesting articles about Singapore to enjoy if you are interested in reading more. If you are looking to combine Singapore with another destination in Asia, you can easily do that.

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