Follow These Tips And You’ll Never Get Lost In A Foreign Country


Getting lost in a foreign country is one of the experiences you wouldn’t want to encounter. It’s exciting to be in a new country. But, it’s won’t be that much of enjoyment if you spend most of your time trying to find the places you wanted to visit.

While it’s easy to access amenities like restrooms by observing Restroom Signs | ADA Central, sometimes walking across streets could be challenging. Many people don’t want to keep asking for directions, so you may find assistive features more suitable to guide. If you are traveling to a foreign country, remember these tips to get directions correctly.

Download Photos of Your Destination

Having as many photos as possible of the place you are traveling to is one way to ensure you will have a reliable guide. You can download landmarks that will help you to know your way around the place.

More importantly, photos make it easier to get directions from locals, because they can identify the building or landmark you have from the print. With the printed image, you will find it much easier to navigate the streets. Locals will also point to you the direction to follow when you are lost.

Get a GPS To Go

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an accurate means with which you can find your way while traveling to a new place. You only need the GPS kit and a good connection to satellites. The device can be useful when driving because you can easily mount it on the windscreen. You could even carry it to find directions on foot. There are wristwatches that come with a built-in GPS that you can use to find your way in unfamiliar territory. Another option is to download an app, i.e. Google Maps, to your smartphone. Just make sure you are using offline mode to save on roaming.

Use a Multi-Language Map

If you are visiting a country that uses a different language, you should look for a map that is labeled using a language you understand, such as English. Even better, you should buy one that is written in both the local language and in your mother tongue.

With a bilingual map, you can interpret directions, and where things seem challenging, you can get the help of a local who can read the directions in the local language. This alone could ensure you end at the right place.

Learn the Basics

Before you leave for a foreign country, you should learn a few phrases that are used in the country you are visiting. This includes greetings and phrases for asking for directions. Also, make sure to learn about possible answers, so you won’t be confused when someone responds in the local language. It’s advisable to learn words often used on streets, and most importantly, always have contact information for a nearby hotel that can guide you when you find yourself in a dead end.

Traveling to a new country should come with opportunities to explore more and enjoy the great offers availed to you. However, many people get lost on the way, and this creates a difficult situation. If you would like to avoid such a scenario, it’s advisable to prepare for everything that can guide you including a map and learning about the area you are visiting.

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