Outdoor Adventure Activities in Texas


Spanning 268,820 square miles, Texas is larger than any country in Europe and second to only Alaska’s landmass. From the stunning mountain ranges in West Texas to the refreshing swimming holes and limestone cliffs of Hill Country, Texas’s unique and diverse landscapes provide ample opportunity for outdoor adventure. Cliff jumping, rock climbing, and kayaking are some of the activities to try on your Texas vacation.

Cliff jumping at Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well, found in the small town of Wimberley, is one of the most popular destinations for swimming in Texas. An artesian spring, the crystal clear water at Jacob’s Well stays an alluring 68 degrees fahrenheit all year round. It’s also the second largest underwater cave system in the whole state and therefore one of the most dangerous spots for diving worldwide. The initial chamber, however, is around just 30 feet deep, making it a great spot for cliff diving, which is the activity of choice for most visitors.

Rock climbing at Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls State Park, located just outside Johnson City in Texas Hill Country, is the ideal spot for bouldering and rock climbing. Here, you’ll discover the epic Pedernales Falls featuring enormous slabs of ancient limestone. In fact, you may find you already recognize the falls as they’ve been used as the setting for numerous Hollywood movies. Rock climbing enthusiasts will have endless fun climbing over the rocks, which span the entire length of the river. And, once you leave the park, you can continue to benefit from the land with Texas land investments. By investing in Texas land with minimal holding costs and taxes, you can make a significant financial return. Short-term holds, for example, generate returns of 20% to 80%+ returns after improvement costs and expenses.

Kayaking the Guadalupe River

Spanning an impressive 230 miles, the Guadalupe River begins near Kerrville, Texas and flows all the way through to the San Antonio Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Guadalupe State Park, in particular, is the ideal location for kayaking for both beginners and experienced kayakers alike. The river offers plenty of exciting rapids and small waterfalls along with calm stretches of water, as well as beautiful greenery, cypress trees, and cliff views.

Texas is one of the best destinations for outdoor adventure activities. Cliff jumping at Jacob’s Well, rock climbing at Pedernales Falls, and kayaking the Guadalupe River are some ideas to try on your next trip down south.

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