Safe Travel Tips for Solo Female Travelers


You know what they say, there’s very little that can stop a strong independent woman. And as a testament to that statement, more women than ever are embracing the idea of solo travel and heading off across the world.

A strong, independent solo female traveler will plan her own route, take control of all kinds of situations, and will know that asking for help doesn’t imply weakness. A strong, independent solo female traveler will also put herself, and more importantly her safety first. They listen to their instincts, opt for safety over conformity and won’t ever bend to peer-pressure.

Can a woman really travel the world on her own, safely? The simple answer is yes. But to do so, she must educate herself on how to stay safe and to recognize dangerous scenarios. Failing to do so could result in accidents or injuries that could hinder the trip – click the link if you need a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge. Here we’ll examine some safe travel tips for solo female travelers.

Research, research, research

Research is an important aspect of any travelers’ preparation. It helps to reduce culture shock; help you find your way around and plan your days. It’s also a crucial element for solo female travelers, as it can keep you safe and help you to blend in with your surroundings. What kind of dress code is expected of women in the country? Are there any scams that you should be aware of? Is public transport safe for women traveling alone? And are there any areas you should avoid after dark?

Always be aware of your surroundings

There’s a lot to take in when you’re in a new location, but there’s a difference between sightseeing and being aware of your surroundings. If that person has been following you for several minutes, head into a café or store to see if their behavior changes. Be wary of cars that are driving slowly as they pass you – if you’re walking down a quiet street and a lone man is approaching you, cross the street. This doesn’t mean you have to be suspicious of everyone and be paranoid, but just exercise common sense and always be aware of what’s happening around you.

Reach out to other women

There’s safety in numbers, so if you need assistance or reassurance reach out to other women. If you’re using public transport, sit with another woman. Need directions? Ask a woman. If you’re staying in hostels, reside in female-rooms and connect with your other female solo travelers for advice and comfort.

Be wary of alcohol

It’s your right to relax and let your hair down but know your limits. Don’t drink yourself into a state where someone could take advantage of you. Never leave your drink unattended. And never accept drinks from strangers. If you want to head home, ask the bar staff to call you a cab. Never walk alone at night.

And finally, fake it

If a stranger is trying to ascertain if you’re traveling solo, lie and tell them you’re with a group. Tell persistent men that you have a boyfriend or a husband and they’re waiting for you back at the hotel. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation – leave!

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