Sustainable School Travel: Equipping the Next Generation


You may or may not have heard the term ‘sustainable school travel’, which involves high school students going on eco-friendly study trips. The expedition is managed by qualified teachers who offer a fun-based way to connect with nature. The provider has a wealth of experience organising study trips, with more than 25 sport and adventure themes, allowing your kids to engage in something they are interested in.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Each trip is carefully planned to provide the perfect natural platform to test their skills and knowledge of the planet. Learning by doing is globally recognised as the most effective way to learn. Groups work on projects and actually get involved in grass-roots eco projects, which for any teenager, is an awesome learning experience. These course help students explore Australia in challenging ways

Global Travel

While this has not always been possible due to the pandemic, countries are opening up and if you would like to broaden your son’s horizons, why not book him into an overseas trip? He would love to spend a couple of weeks in Northern Thailand, helping local farmers with irrigation and seeing other cultures and how they work.

The hills around Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The hills around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Marine & Wildlife Conservation

It is critical that we equip the next generation with hands-on knowledge of the environment and enrolling your teenage kids in one of the challenging marine or wildlife expeditions will enrich their lives in so many ways, changing the way they think about the environment. These trips are ideal for school breaks, plus they have weekend programs, mainly sports development and fitness training for those serious athletes that wish to compete at a high level. Here is an article about the top camping spots in NSW.

Exploring Northern Queensland

A 7-night experience in northern QLD on the Great Barrier Reef will be forever etched in their memory; you won’t find a better downtime experience for your kids, as they engage in eco-friendly ways. The reef is constantly monitored, the condition of the coral is not as it once was’ scientists and marine biologists are working together to find eco-friendly solutions to these and other marine issues. If all our children have these kinds of experiences, it will stay with them for life and there will be a better future for their kids.

Developing Skills Through Sports

If your son or daughter has a talent for a specific sport, professional trainers can bring out the best in them. Playing against other international teams allows the player to develop while under close supervision of trainers, gaining valuable international playing experience and sharing experiences with others. If you would like to know more about the various sports included in this program, search online for ‘sustainable school travel’, which should take you to the website of a leading academy. If you find what you are looking for, you can make an online booking and give your child the experience to develop further in their chosen discipline. If, on the other hand, your son wants to try out a sport, there are introductory courses designed to help students with sport choices.

Talk to your kids about sustainable travel and see how they respond; most teenagers are aware of the climate crisis that we are going through.

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