How to Travel Eastern Europe Cheap And Safe


Setting foot in Eastern Europe for the first time will surely throw you off the budget.  And when you are unable to locate the best places where you can spend your time, turn strangers into friends, homesickness becomes your portion. My experience visiting several countries in this part of the world helps me put together some travel tips in this post. You can purchase essays online if you don’t have enough time for traveling.

Women always want to spend buying something new. I really did doing so blindly will be like shooting yourself in the foot and it will scuttle your holidaying plans.

Destinations to visit in Eastern Europe

Site seeing, hiking, and swimming make up the fun part of it, not to mention staying in the best five-star hotels and dining in Eastern Europe’s finest eat out joints. Every capital has something unique to offer.  Moscow hosts spectacular medieval pieces of architecture. Then there is Prague’s Charles Bridge and Medieval old town, a sight to behold that anyone visiting Czech shouldn’t afford to miss.  In Budapest, Castle Hill is captivating enough.

Crossing over to Poland from Slovakia will get you hooked to the Tatra Mountains.  Something that echoes the communist era buildings is right at the Heart of Romania’s capital, Bucharest.  In Kyiv, a lot awaits every woman who wants to catch a glimpse of old religious buildings and museums that host Ukraine’s monumental treasure troves.  I had to make a date with Estonia’s capital, Tallinn and if you ask me, the Baltic Sea together with cultural activities here will add flavor to an already exciting trip.  St. Petersburg, Russia’s port city will equally give you so much more to take down the memory lane apart from the statute of a huge bronze horseman at its heart.  More adventurous leaps should land you in Poland where memories of world war will be rekindled by memorial statues and structures.

Tips that will turn your journey into a funfair

In this post, I share with you, tips regarding my trip around Eastern Europe. My aim is to make it worth taking down the memory lane and to also help you avoid some challenges I went through. Read on for insights from My Essay Geek expert.

Cultural peculiarities

Culture shock is one of the things that make most travelers visiting the Eastern part of Europe homesick and trust me, this is no far-fetched. While sometimes the extent to which you have traveled may reduce it from extreme to moderate, it’s part of the experience you should be ready for.  But you can bet your life on this one.

People in this part of the world are very friendly. Kissing the cheek among female-male and female-female is a common way of exchanging pleasantries. This happening between man-man is very rare. However, it varies from one country to the other. In Amsterdam for example, friends do handshake while a hug and a kiss happen most of the times between female-female. Moving further to Prague, occasional hugs between female-male friends shouldn’t shock you.

However, there are many people below the poverty line in several Eastern European countries, so you must beware of scammers: do not walk around alone late in the night and never show that you have a lot of money with you as it may draw the attention of bandits.The crime rate is higher in Eastern Europe, but it varies from state to state, so the best thing you can do is research before choosing the destination point.


Finding a place to stay is relatively easy if you plan to visit Eastern Europe.  You can always book one via online booking sites. And if you plan to rent an apartment for your stay, real estate agents are everywhere on the web and on location. But you must never make payments in advance because it is a popular type of fraud. First, carefully inspect the room, make sure that all devices are in working order and only then proceed with payment.  Security is not something to worry about even at the hotel where you will be staying, however, you should ask the receptionist about the safe and keep all your documents there.


Of course, upon landing in your destination, you will want to travel around. There are a number of means to you can use and of course depending on which country you want to visit and how accessible some areas are.  However, use of trains is a little tricky on the eastern sides. They are often dirty and uncomfortable, although it is one of the cheapest ways of long distance transportation.

A taxi will take you to most of the places and it is very cheap relative to the US, for example.  However, drivers often carry foreigners the wrong route, making use of the fact that they do not know the city. Thus, the path is much longer and more expensive. It is necessary to download a city map on your phone and track your movement to save your time and money. It is also important to order a taxi by phone or through an official application, and not catch it on the way.

You can also use a bus, but do a prior research: in some countries, you must buy the ticket on the station, but in some of them you just give the money straight to the driver either when you get on or off the bus.


Eastern delicacies will get you thinking about when to visit next. From hotels to supermarkets, and even food stands on the streets, you will a bit of every recipe. Seared Scallops with Zucchini and Okroshka are a must taste in Russia. Other delicacies include Adjaruli (Cheese bread in Georgia), Chicken Paprikash, Pierogies, Fermented Herbs, Borscht (beet soup in Ukraine) and more. Prices are usually low, but it is important to choose the right place. Try to follow the locals or ask

In summary, Eastern Europe is one of the most thrilling destinations for vacationers and even if you are just en route on a business trip, there a taste of recipes here will be something to remember even days later. Also, enjoy your stay while it last in some of the most ambient resorts.

What are your best tips on how to travel Eastern Europe? Please share via email, on TwitterFacebook Instagram or Google+. I would love to hear from you!

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