Useful Tips for First-Time Travelers and Adventurers


When it comes to budget traveling, there are options, but you must be strategic. People tend to believe that traveling is always expensive. While this may be true to some extent, it is possible to enjoy a great holiday on a budget without maxing out your credit card. Paying for your holiday in smaller payments and practicing these budget steps will get yourself in a better position to enjoy the holidays season!

Tip number one: avoid tourist traps.

You’re going to encounter economic traps designed to bleed tourists dry. Many vacation destinations survive chiefly because of their ability to prey on tourists. For example, finding a budget-friendly bike tour in the Snowy Mountains in Australia.

Finding a biking tour is easy; finding a good mountain biking tour is harder. But many times bikers complain that accommodation is expensive and that they can’t find good bikes to rent on site. There are hidden gems such as this mountain biking deal in Thredbo that offers a good price value ratio.

Meet the Locals

Still, if you get to know some locals, you can find where the “secret” beaches are. As well, should you be savvy enough to avoid the primary traffic arteries where out-of-state tourists congregate, you’ll be able to find your way to a less-expensive, relatively isolated stretch of beach. North and south of L.A. are some excellent options.

Now this situation isn’t unique to California, which is why the state is mentioned here. Wherever you go, locals will establish bottlenecks in terms of sales. Parking meters, souvenir shops, overpriced dining, overpriced goods in gas stations—the list goes on. Don’t be surprised if things in convenience stores near tourist traps are double their normal cost.

The solution is, again, avoiding such areas. Unless you’ve got money to waste, you want to get into areas of town tourists never frequent, and walk around like you’ve been local to that area perpetually. Unless you’re in a country whose predominance ethnically is diametrically opposed to your own appearance, you can get away with this. Take England, as an example.

Critical Considerations

England is going to have many districts where, whether you’re a southern California native or a Midwesterner, you can blend in perfectly. The key is not opening your mouth until the time is right; your accent is what will give you away. But if you don’t dress like some yokel out of a film, you’re likely to look fairly similar to others. Where you’re in trouble is if you’re visiting a country whose economy is exceptionally lower than your home.

When you look like you can afford to buy new clothes every year, and everyone around you is dressed in garments that have been patched multiple times, you can bet people are going to single you out.

Avoid costly hotels, shop around. Generally, shop around. Don’t buy for convenience’s sake. Before you travel, research your route, what you see, and how to get there. Then stick to the plan. Also, if you can, avoid travel during holidays; but if you can’t, exercise known strategies for saving during these times of the year.

When all is said and done, if you plan in advance and know what you’re getting into, you’re likely to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, making your vacation more stress-free than it would be with a massive debt-expanding bill looming over you.

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