5 Things NOT to Forget For Your Holiday Trip

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“Are you planning to set out on a journey anytime soon?” This is one question where the chances of getting back ‘NO’ as an answer is quite unlikely these days. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the entire human race is currently in transit. Some are travelling to fulfill their professional duties, while others just for leisure. Though the distance and period of the voyage vary from place to place and from people to people; one thing still remains common, humanity has become negligent when it comes to planning their journey. Very often, packing simple essentials into our luggage escapes our memory and we end up a million miles away from home, wondering what to do next. And to help you avoid such a chaos, we list down 5 important things that one should never forget before turning the final lock on their doors:

1. So that your check-ins are always on time.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about that spare accessory which keeps your tech-hormones at a calm level. It’s been only 2 hours after you’ve landed on your dream island and luckily you have a decently fast Wi-Fi connection for ABSOLUTELY NO COST! But wait, your battery notification is highlighting itself in sharp red. Well, this situation is the litmus test of anybody’s patience. And you can avoid this by simply including a power bank in your travel bag. Essentials related to electronics that must be a part of your trip include spare phones, memory sticks, earphones, spare batteries, adapters and power banks.

2. Cast away and hungry?

Remember how exceptionally well Tom Hanks played his role in the movie Cast Away? He had nothing to assist him, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The adventurer inside him had to device mechanisms to extract water from the early morning dew deposits for drinking water, cut through the hard shells of coconuts without a knife and ends his day BBQ-ing rats for dinner! Well, you can stop imagining the catastrophe and focus on the simple act of packing non-perishable food items. Dry fruits, bakery items (well packed) and even certain fruits can act as life savers in difficult times. And not just deserted regions, you can even feel the brunt of hunger in localities where the food they serve doesn’t suit your health and taste. This simple tip will not only help you in relaxing your hunger, but will also help you in saving a lot of money on your food bills.

3. Research before you lurch.

Especially for those who are planning to travel to a land that has cultures and customs which are different from the ones followed in their homeland. There are places where exposing your body can be considered offensive or leaving a tip after your meal is considered a sign of disrespect. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself updated with the cultural norms of the local population. And we, as travelers, shouldn’t be taken aback if certain acts seem weird to us at first. Rather, we must embrace them with a smile for the limited time period for which we have to follow them. Remember, every experience counts!

4. Wear wisely and pack them even more wisely.

Your clothes, of course. Let’s admit we have our personal favorites that we wish to wear every weekend. Quite simply because we look good in them and the body language is comfortable. But it’s not necessary that your favorite jacket or your favorite pair of denims should be the right choice for the climatic conditions that you are about to encounter. There is no wisdom in packing a sweater when travelling to the middle east during the summer or not carrying an umbrella when travelling to the equatorial countries where it rains almost every day! Choose your clothes wisely and pack only the ones that you are sure to use once you have reached your destination. And most importantly, one should make sure that their clothes are pre-ironed and packed in the luggage in rolled form. Saves you a lot of space. And don’t forget, you can always visit the Banana Republic UK for the best offers on clothing and accessories.

5. Hotel/Cottage/Guest house/Dorms.

All the above tips would be rendered useless if you don’t know where exactly you’ll be staying in a foreign land? Would you choose a conventional 3-5 star hotel or does the country provide with a unique experience of guest houses where travelers and natives live under the same roof? Make sure you have the ‘stay’ part of your journey sorted out well in time. Hotel rooms can be difficult to acquire during peak seasons and the rates could skyrocket depending upon the demand. If the majority of your day will be sent outside your room, then opting for dorm rooms or small cottages shouldn’t be a bad choice. After all, who wants to pay for a 5 star only for sleeping?

The list would go on well into double figures, but the aforementioned points should be enough to make your travel hassle free. And most importantly, don’t forget to check the expiry date on your passports! Nothing frustrates a person more than his presence inside an airport with an invalid or in worst cases, a passport left at home!

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